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2016 Summer Site Office Hours

Closed Monday, June 27th to Friday, July 15th

Summer Office Hours begin Monday, July 18th: 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Closed Fridays: June 17th, July 22nd and July 29th

All School Sites will be closed Monday, August 8th until 11:00 a.m.
áááááá Normal Office Hours Begin on Tuesday, August 9th
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English/Social Studies 6
Instructor: Zabaleta   
Our sixth grade year is coming to a close.á It has been a great year! We plan to finish strong and work until the year is over. Please support your students as they finish the year by making sure they continue to complete and turn in work.á In social studies, we end the year with a fun unit on Greece which includes the Greek Olympics and Quiz Bowl.á It is a fun way to end the year and the kids learn a lot.á As we near the end of the year, if you need to contact me, please use my email, katie_zabaleta@ycjusd.us.á Thanks, Mrs. Zabaleta
Final Study Hall and NLT Date
Hello Everyone! I wanted you all to know that the last study hall for the year will take place from 2:30-3:30 on Tuesday, May 31. All late work and test corrections are due no later than (NLT) Friday, June 3. Test correction procedures can be found in the social studies folder. Copies of the Ch.13-15 and Ch.14 tests are also there. Please see me if you have any questions.
Curriculum Pilot
Our English class will be piloting new material from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. I am very excited to begin using the series titled California Collections. It has a take home close reader that will enable the students to read and write at home. Our homework routine will be very different, but I am hoping the kids enjoy the change of pace and are ready for more challenging work. Be on the lookout for new materials and a new routine for the rest of the year.
End of Third Quarter/ Late Work Due Now
There is no homework for English or Social Studies the week of March 14th. The third quarter ended on March 4th, and I will not accept any work or give test retakes for third quarter after March 18th. Please use this week to make up incomplete or missing work. All missing assignments will be turned to zeroes on March 18th. Please use this free time to take care of those assignments. Test retakes or make ups can be done at study hall on Tuesday, March 15th after school or Thursday, March 17th at lunch.
Social Studies Test Corrections
I wanted to inform everyone that my social studies test corrections policy is changing. I found that many students were not studying at all, knowing that they would be able to correct the test and still get up to an A or B no matter what their first score was. I will still offer test corrections, but the final grades will be much different. Students will only be able to earn back half of each point they missed. For example, if a student earned 20 out of 40 points, the highest score they could get after test corrections would be a 30. The students need to learn to study the material and retain it without the assistance of their book. Hopefully this will be motivating, while still offering some support.
Ancient Egyptian Masks
Students made Ancient Egyptian masks in social studies. Death masks and ritual masks teach us about the importance of religion in ancient Egypt. A display of masks is shown here in our classroom.
Egyptian Masks
We will be making Egyptian masks in social studies. Students were asked to bring in a milk or water jug to build the structure of the mask. If you have extras at home, we could use those too. We will begin building tomorrow, January 21st. Thanks!
Study Hall
Study Hall will be held on Tuesdays after school and Thursdays at lunch. This is a great time to get help, make up missing tests and assignments, and retake tests. The lunchtime study hall is only 30 minutes, and we try to eat lunch at the same time. So if you are planning on taking a test, I will need advance notice. Hope to see you there!
Typing Practice
We recently spent two days in the computer lab typing stories about the Stone Age. The students did a great job! I did notice that we have a lot of students that don't know how to type. I highly recommend that they spend time typing at home. Whenever they have no homework, twenty to thirty minutes on a typing program would be an awesome way to improve their typing. The state test in April is on the computer. They better they type, the better chance they have of demonstrating their knowledge. Two free programs we use at school are freetypinggame.net and typingclub.com.
Grades/ABI Update

This is a great time to check ABI. Homework and quiz grades have been entered for English. Some students are missing homework or need to retake the quiz. Students that earned a C or an F are able to retake quizzes as long as they have done the homework that week. Keep in mind that homework on Thursday night is to study for the weekly quiz. We list in the agenda what needs to be studied. Quizzes can be retaken or made up at study hall after school on Tuesdays. If you cannot come on Tuesday, you need to make an appointment. I will accept late work up until the new quarter begins in October. Please make up missing assignments as soon as possible. Since I do take late work, I do not accept incomplete work. If you need help setting up an ABI account, see pg. J in the agenda. All of the numbers you need are on the student's schedule.
Get Ready To ROAR!
All students that have myself or Mr. LeVan for period 4 Reading class got their ROAR logs today. ROAR stands for Required Outside Additional Reading and is the main homework for reading class. Students are bringing home a detailed letter and schedule today. There is also a copy in the reading file. Happy Reading!!!!
Please remember to bring the requested school supplies to school each day. You will need:
* 1 1/2 inch durable 3 ring binder
* Pencil Pouch - please no pencil boxes
* Dividers with tabs for notebook
* Notebook paper
* 1 spiral notebook
* Colored Pencils
* Pencils
* Highlighter
* Clear ruler
* Hand pencil sharpener with a cover or extra lead
* Backpack

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